Maintain Garage Doors

Let’s face it, when it comes to maintaining garage doors, you don’t need to have a PhD. In fact, all it really takes is a little simple upkeep and maintenance. A little TLC goes a long way to maintain garage doors and keep them looking and working their best. Of course, you can hire a professional to maintain garage doors, and that is probably the easiest way. After all, when you get on a set schedule to maintain garage doors, you can leave all the work to the pros. A professional knows that there are over 300 parts to the garage door mechanism. So it makes sense to hire a professional that knows what to look for, such as broken springs, cables, tracks and garage door openers. With that said, any homeowner can do their part to maintain garage doors. Here are three easy steps you can do to maintain garage doors.

#1: Maintain Garage Doors by Keeping the Garage Clean

Sounds simple enough, clean the garage. Dirt, dust and other debris builds up over time and has a negative effect on the way garage doors operate. Mainly, too much debris buildup on the tracks will make it very difficult for the garage doors to open and close smoothly. My best advice is to sweep the garage daily. Cleaning the garage daily makes things much cleaner and the cleaning process easier too.

#2: Visually Inspect the Garage Doors and Parts

While you may not know what to look for, there are some things you can inspect that will help maintain the functionality of garage doors. Maintain garage doors with a visual inspection. Inspect the spring or springs. For the un-initiated, a torsion spring is located at the center of the door or sometimes off to the side of the garage door. Look to see if the coils are split or look like they are ready to split. If it looks like the coils are starting to split, call a garage door technician right away. Extension springs are for smaller single car garage doors and typically installed on each side of the garage door. Look for wear and tear.

#3: Get Your Garage Doors on a Routine Maintenance Program

Garage Door MaintenanceFinally, the third step is also the easiest step. What makes it so easy is that all you have to do is call Pronto Garage Doors. Setting a routine maintenance program is a breeze. Simply call the garage door experts at Pronto Garage Doors and they will do the rest. This includes a complete inspection, lubrication, and ensuring the garage doors are safe to operate. Sure, it’s not free, but, it’s also not that expensive. I recommend throwing in a garage door tune-up with the maintenance program. With routine maintenance, it is easy to maintain garage doors and possibly prevent minor issues from turning into major repairs.

Pronto Garage Doors is a leader in garage doors service, maintenance and repairs. Let the pros maintain garage doors on your home and reap the benefits of a garage door that works and looks great every time.

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