Liftmaster Garage Door OpenerThe garage door opener is one those parts of the garage door that we tend to take for granted. We expect the garage door opener to work every time, and for a good while, it does. Of course, like most garage door related things, time takes its toll on a garage door opener. Wear and tear of a rubber belt (belt drive opener) and the chain assembly (chain drive opener) is bound to happen. As a homeowner, you can easily notice when you need to replace a garage door opener. Loud and slow operation is one obnoxious sign. Another sign has to do with safety. Put it this way, if you have an opener that was built in the early 1990’s, specifically before 1993, then you may want replace it. The reason why is that before 1993, openers sold in the US were not required to have standard safety features. The lack of standard safety features caused accidents due to garage door entrapment. Besides the safety issue, which is pretty big, an older opener is slow and loud. If you are ready to replace that annoyingly slow and loud opener, that is also unsafe, you have many options.

The Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: The Quiet One

Quiet performance is high on the list when looking for a new opener. And while you want smooth and quiet operation, you also want an opener that has the power you need to raise and lower garage doors with ease. The good news for homeowners is that today’s belt drive openers are not just “whisper quiet”, they are also able to operate most residential garage door sizes. One brand that stands out amongst the many is the Liftmaster Elite Series 8550W belt drive opener. This sleek and modern opener has all the bells and whistles you want, such as MyQ-Technology, Security+2.0 and most importantly, smooth and quiet operation. Its DC motor belt system is designed for powerful, super-quiet performance. Combine the DC motor belt system with the durable and reliable P3 motor, and you have a match that is made in garage door heaven.

Maximize the Space in Your Garage

Garage Door Opener Repair San DiegoIf you are like me then you have a cluttered garage with rafters filled to the brim with all of the memories you have collected in life. You may be considering adding even more rafters for storage, after all, the kids are growing up and you want to hold on to those items that hold precious memories. More rafter means you may need to remove the opener. Here’s the good news, you can replace that ceiling mounted opener with a wall-mount opener. Wall-mount garage door openers are all the rage today. It is easy to see why. After all, a wall-mount opener has a sleek, space-saving design thanks to it being mounted onto the wall beside your garage door. Once again Liftmaster takes the prize for innovative products for the garage door. The Liftmaster Elite Series 8500 is ideal for a garage with space limitations. There is also another wall mount opener that gets high praise from homeowners, this one is the Prodigy II by Raynor. Both wall-mounted openers work best when installed by a professional.

Once you pick the right garage door opener, contact Pronto Garage Doors for professional installation you can depend on.

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