Iron Driveway Gates San DiegoOkay, so there has been much debate over whether this impending zombie apocalypse is real or not. After all, shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Fear of the Walking Dead” sure look realistic and paint a bleak picture of the future. Let’s just say that this impending doom is coming. Is your home prepared to keep those zombies from your home and possibly infecting you or someone from your family?

Driveway Gate Installation

If your property does not have a driveway gate installed, now is the time to start looking. After all, the zombie apocalypse comes quickly and typically strikes without much warning. Better to be prepared! So first thing you need to do is pick a gate that is strong and sturdy. If you have seen “The Walking Dead” or “Fear of the Walking Dead” then you know that a chain link gate is just not going to cut it. These zombies are stronger than we think, able to tear apart a chain link gate with ease. Thing is, they are not too great at climbing which places us “living” at an advantage. Okay, now that you know a chain link gate is not the best option to protect from the zombie apocalypse, you need to consider another option.

This brings is to the question, will a driveway gate protect me from the walking dead that are sure to roam the neighborhood any day now? The short answer is, yes, a driveway gate can keep those pesky brain eaters off your property. Of course, you will need a durable driveway gate and a wrought iron gate is strong and durable. No zombie is going to be able to tear their way through wrought iron! Zombies are not that strong! When choosing a driveway gate, make sure to get one that is tall enough to keep those zombies at bay. After all, you don’t even want to look at one of those ugly, sneering faces. For best protection from zombies, choose a gate that is at least 8-feet high or at the least, 6-feet in height. It is probably a good idea to add some spikes or barbed/razor wire too, you can never be too safe.

As great as the driveway gate can be for deterring the zombie, a mass horde will be able to open the gate. This is where a gate opener comes in. Forget manual operation, you will need an automatic gate opener to keep the horde from opening the gate. Let’s face it, zombies are not smart, in fact, you could say they are dumb. A slide or swing gate with an automatic gate opener is best for security and protection. Automatic Gates Repair San DiegoA zombie will never be able to figure out the code to open the gate, just make sure to keep the remote transmitter away from their disgusting fingers!

If you are ready to zombie-proof your front entrance and driveway, we recommend giving us a call. At Pronto Garage Doors, we have been helping homeowners prepare their driveway gates for the zombie apocalypse. We offer maintenance and a complete inspection so your driveway gate is ready to keep those brain eaters off your property!

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