Broken Garage Door SpringSo you got up this morning and got ready to for work and right as you are about to leave, the garage door does not open. You notice that the opener works just fine, but the garage door does not move a bit. In fact, the opener is making a sound as if to push out something. Ok, you have a problem, and it need to be fixed pronto. The issue is likely a broken garage door spring, so do not try to lift the garage door. What you need to do is find the broken garage door spring. If your garage is fitted with a one-piece, wood garage door, then you have two extension springs located on each side of the door. If you have a newer, steel garage door, then there is a torsion spring installed on the center or on the side of the garage door.

Garage Door Spring Does The Heavy Lifting

The reason the garage door does not open is due to the broken garage door spring’s lack of tension. The tightly wound coils provide the energy needed to lift the garage door. If there is a broken garage door spring, it will not be able to handle the weight of the door. This will also pose a problem for the opener, so do not even try to operate the opener either. The last thing you want to deal with is two broken parts. The reason the spring broke is due to time. A garage door spring has a limited lift cycle before it just can no longer handle the weight of the garage door. Every time you open and close the door, the spring will stretch and loosen its pressure. Since most garage doors are at least 300 pounds, it is easy to see how a tightly wound spring is an important part of the entire garage door mechanism. In short, it is the spring and not the opener that does all the work.

Call a Pro to Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring

Once you know which type of spring you have, you can call a garage door technician to let them know you have a broken garage door spring. Sure, you can try to replace a broken garage door spring yourself, but it is not recommended. Replacing a broken garage door spring takes time, patience, and skill. It can be a serious safety hazard if you attempt to replace a broken spring blindly. In fact, replacing a broken garage door spring is one of the most dangerous garage door repairs.Garage Door Springs Types A professional will be able to select the right replacement. After all, both extension and torsion springs come in different sizes. The right size spring is critical to the operation of the garage door. A professional from Pronto Garage Doors is able to replace a broken garage door spring with the perfect replacement.

If you need to have a broken garage door spring replaced in a hurry, make sure to contact Pronto Garage Doors today. A fast response is what we are known for. We will have your garage door spring replaced today so you do not miss any more time at work!

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