Garage Door DecorationsThe Holiday season is here and with it comes bright lights, good food, and warm family company. Like most neighborhoods in American suburbs, it also means that you need to get your home looking festive! No matter what you celebrate, this time of the year brings the festive feeling in all of us. In fact, in many neighborhoods there are even competitions to see who can decorate their home the best. Most of the time you don’t really win anything, maybe a Turkey or Ham, but usually nothing but knowing that you have the most festive looking home on the block. Yes, you can brag all year round, until the next holiday season. You see, the holiday season is one thing that you can count on, much like taxes, only much happier. If you need to catch up with your neighbors, here are some festive ideas for the garage door, because, after all, the garage door is the largest and most noticed door on your home!

Bring Color to the Garage Door with Creative LED Light Displays

Ok, color is certainly one great way to bring a festive look to your entire house. Thing is, you don’t need to paint the door. In fact, do not paint the door because that will only make it much harder to remove. What you can do to bring some color is to add holiday lights. Holiday lights are typically installed at the top of the garage door or the roof. I have seen some creative light displays in my neighborhood that portrayed scenes directly onto the door. For instance, one neighbor had white LED lights in the shape of a Menorah, which looked nice and tranquil. Not to be outdone, my other neighbor had red, blue and green LED lights strewn on the garage door in the shape of a Christmas tree. Both the tree and the Menorah were creative and brought about a nice look that displayed their personal beliefs.

Now, if lights are not your thing, I have seen neighbors try a different approach. One neighbor made the smart move and had a new garage door installed. I say smart because their old garage door was just that, OLD and it was peeling and warping. It was not a good look for the neighborhood. Anyhow, he went and surprised his wife while she was out working. Garage Doors Holiday DecorationHe hired Pronto Garage Doors & Gates and promptly had a new garage door installed. What brought the festive look was the huge red ribbon he had placed onto the garage door panels. Needless to say, his wife was excited and thrilled to come home to a bright and shiny, professionally installed garage door. I must say, the garage door is a beauty, thanks to the rectangular windows and stylish handles. Of course, the ribbon was the icing on the cake of a truly festive door that just so happened to be a gift that the entire neighborhood loved.

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